英文法<B>第1集 LESSON 11の解答


1. They ( are used to having their pictures taken ) at photo studios.

2. ( There is no denying that she is ) smart. (不要語:certain)

3. She is looking forward to her first book being published.



英文法<A>第1集 LESSON 10の解答


1. John began to save money, ( having come to the conclusion that he ) needed to study abroad.

2. Some words, like players on the stage, play ( an important role and then disappear with their popularity ) lost.




英文法<B>第1集 LESSON 9-10の解答



1.The number of business ( people traveling overseas has dramatically  ) increased.

2.The lecture was very boring.  Everyone in the class looked bored.






1. ( Having finished her paper before the deadline ), my sister went off to the amusement park with her friends.  (不要語:being)

2. ( The weather being miserable, taking a walk was out of ) the question. (不要語:because)



英文法<A>第1集 LESSON 9の解答


1. Researchers found ( abnormally high rates of cancer in people exposed ) to tobacco smoke.

2. The search is still continuing ( for a group of climbers reported missing in ) the mountains.

3. I’m afraid we have no seats left.

4. The rainy season is depressing.  I feel depressed when I get up and it is raining.



英文法<C>第1集 LESSON 9の解答


1. It ( is dangerous to swim in this river ) in the rainy season.

2. This ( is still too good to be thrown away ).

3. It ( is no use trying to persuade him ) .

4. There ( can be little expectation of his winning ) .

5. She sent her brother ( a letter saying that her father wasin serious condition.

6. In America, huge farms  ( run by large companies are more efficient ) than small ones.


1. 不安になり取り乱して,親は自分を不快にさせたことで子どもを責めてしまう。

2. スーザンは息子が公平に扱われなかったと不満を漏らした。


 1. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for a long time.

    2. I have to get up at 6 a.m. in order to catch [be in time for] the first train.


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