LESSON 2 [4]


(2)… about the need ( for youngsters to become good at Japanese before studying ) English.

LESSON 3 [2]

1.  She’s intelligent, but she just doesn’t have (what it takes to be) a good journalist.

2.  (The last thing they wanted was for the newspaper) to find out that they were to be married.

3.  They (mentioned two famous tourist spots neither of which we have visited) as yet.




LESSON 2 [4]



LESSON 3 [2]

1. Jane married the man ( whom we thought to be Mary’s boyfriend ).

cf. Jane married the man who we thought was Mary’s boyfriend.

2. The house ( whose roof we see over there ) is mine.

cf. The house the roof of which we see over there is mine.

3. He ( has made me what I am ) today.

cf. I owe what I am today to him.

4. You should ( choose such friends as can benefit you ).

5. I am ( thankful for whatever help you can offer me ).

= I am thankful for any help that you can offer me.