1           I got more information from people in the street than from mass media.

2           Japan’s population is larger than Singapore’s (population ) is.

There are more people in Japan than there are in Singapore.

Japan is more populous than Singapore is.

10      The more you smoke, the more likely you are to get cancer.

11      音楽が古ければ古いほど、また我々が聞き慣れていればいるほど、それが我々に及ぼす影響はますます大きくなる

12         この問題は一般に信じられているより難しい

13         These days more and more students are going to the Philippines to study English.

14         He spends as much money on clothes as (he does) on food.

19         Four times as many people came as I had expected.

25         夢を目指さなかったことほど人生で大きな心残りはない


31         そうですね、理由はいくつかありますが、中でもかなり重要なのはあいつが詐欺師だということです

35         Japan is the country which I like best.

38         You should read books from which you can learn a lot.

You should read books which teach you a lot.

41         書くのをやめること、書かないことなど考えられない。あるいはひょっとするとそれが密かな恐怖になっていて、その恐怖を鎮めるために人は書き続けるのかもしれない

50         She loves the place where she was born and brought up.

51         It is stupid to drive in Tokyo, where the traffic is heavy.

57         I talked about what I was surprised at.