LESSON 2 [2]

(16)    Sam’s first day at school in a Hannibal log cabin was taught by a teacher from New England.


(17)    She read … and interpreted the verse to mean that earnest prayer would be answered.

(18)    Sam coveted the piece of gingerbread the baker’s daughter brought to school …


(19)    The importance of this question for our times is only vaguely and then only imperfectly understood.


(20)    … and while they often seem mutually antagonistic they are in fact fundamentally complementary.


(21)    More biographical facts are known about William Shakespeare than about any other playwright of the period except Ben Jonson.


(22)    … ; about 1557 she married John Shakespeare, who was a glove-maker and trader in various farm commodities.


(23)    Long before she became an icon, she was a child who walked and played beneath the towering trees of the Virginia woods.


(24)    … ; they diminish our ability to see with fresh eyes.


(25)    … , I was enchanted by everything I did not recognize as if it were out of a fairy tale.