The only concession she’d made to her age was a pair of hearing aids.

Her healthcare plan campaign was an unprecedented policy initiative for a First Lady.

Protesters proclaimed that the boy was innocent.

You may even feel inclined to say that your language is not something you know, you just speak it, and that’s all there is to it.

Nothing would induce me to go.

The effectiveness of the death penalty in preventing crime has not been demonstrated statistically.

Her doctor referred her to an eye specialist.

During his testimony, the journalist was careful to make no reference to the identity of his source.

Resources for the project are finite.

Using the right lighting can transform a room.

Yayoi culture was introduced to Japan through a gradual process that took several thousand years.

In judging the beauty of a painting, it is hardly possible to be fully objective.

All applications must be submitted by Friday.

Some leaders believe in verbal encouragement, while other prefer to motivate by example.

The doctor’s failure to ask about allergies was a clear case of professional negligence.

Her illness compelled her to stay indoors.

The game was suspended because of a complaint about an umpire’s ruling

The foreign visitors must apply to the government for an entry permit.

Attempts to impose an alien culture on a foreign country by military means have usually ended in failure.

A new scientific theory will often be accepted, not because it predicts new facts, but because it makes the facts we already know more comprehensible.

They were all impressed by the clarity and insight of Bill’s presentation.

One cannot stop inquiring minds from thinking about basic science, whether or not they are paid for it.

The novel’s descriptive passages paint a vivid picture of eighteenth-century Japan.

“He was fired from the job.”  “He got what he deserved.”

Was her resignation a signal of her guilt?

He persisted with his studies in spite of financial problems.

A sharp rise in food prices would constitute an extremely serious threat to our present way of life.

They are no substitute for a healthy diet.

After the conference ended, the participants returned to their respectivecountries.

He provided a completely new perspective for the study of psychological phenomena.

What inspired you to write your songs?

Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.

Fortunately, both sides approached the meeting in a constructive spirit.

We are working on the assumption that the conference will go ahead.

Even a criminal is presumed to be innocent until proven otherwise.

The project’s main aims were successfully achieved, but there were a number of unintended consequences.

During your speech, don’t let yourself be distracted by latecomers.

Her success is attributable to her efforts.

Important new ideas often begin life in bitter controversy.

Cultural diversity will be an increasing feature of many societies.